Help for Teens who Stammer

The teenage years can be challenging as you may want to become more independent, feel friendships are increasingly important and there are pressures from school and exams. Stammering can make all of this seem even more difficult and sometimes it can feel easier to avoid situations rather than to approach them.

Sometimes stammering is compared to an iceberg where part of it is above the surface, so the part that other people can hear and see and part of it is hidden from others which is the thoughts and feelings about speaking.

For teenagers, the thoughts and feelings below the surface can begin to seem like the biggest part of stammering and the hardest bit to cope with.  Speech therapy can support you during this stage by helping you to:

  • Understand your stammering more fully.
  • Develop ways of coping with your speech.
  • Learn strategies to help you speak more fluently.
  • Develop more confidence to go into challenging situations.
  • Deal with concerns at school such as oral exams.